Monday, March 16, 2015

President Obama thoughs on Alien Topic Live!

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President Obama was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, on a short moment Jimmy brought the Aliens topic out as a joke. He said that if he was named president of th USA the first thing he would do is check the documents on about Area 51 and Aliens.  Here are several quotes that president Obama made on the topic.

"The aliens won't let it happen...You'll reveal their secrecy"

"...They exercise strict control over us"

"I can't reveal anything"

"...That's what we are instructed to say"

Short video of President Obama thoughts on Alien topic in Jimmy Kimmel Live Show. 

Is he joking? Is he making us believe is a joke? Is it all true and he's making us feel like is a joke? Is he saying the true but masked as a joke? 

What are your thoughts on the video and President Obama reaction to Jimmy's questions?

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