Monday, March 9, 2015

Divine Visions

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In 15th century B.C. in the Mount Sinai, Egypt as told in the book of Exodus, it was in that peak that Moses encounter with God, a big cloud came from heaven and the voice of "God" told Moses to come into the cloud. He approaches the cloud and a door opens, he enter and the door closes. He ascended to God in smoke, fire, loud noise, trembling. All religions talk about the same story with different names but with the same explanation when and how he ascended to speak with "God".  People misinterpreted what happened as something divine, because they didn't knew what was going on. But why if God is omnipresent needed to do such a scene just to talk to Moses. What was the "cloud" that Moses entered to ascend and speak to God? What kind of transportation did he used that fly, make loud noise, trembled and had fire? More than something divine, it sound like some technology.

In the Islam, we have encounters with divine beings like the narration that angel Gabriel was a mediator between Alah and Mohammed. Gabriel usually came to Mohammed in a cave to give him wisdom. But there were two times when Mohammed encounter Gabriel outside of the cave and not in person, but in a magnificent shining object with 600 wings and burning as fire.  Its this hovering shiny object in front of Mohammed a UFO? Did he misinterpreted the lights of the object as fire and the flying he described as 600 wings?  How did this object gave the wisdom to Mohammed? Telepathically?

In Roman history we see some divine visions that change the course of the history, like the vision of emperor Constantine.  In Oct 312 AD Constantine was preparing for battle to conquer the west side of Rome. As told by Eusebius, Constantine and his followers saw one night in the sky what it looked like a white cross in fire, they didn't know how to interpret this, but Constantine said that this was the Christian cross shining in the sky.  He took the vision as a premonition that he must continue to fight because he will win the battle. He did this and won the battle, after he converted to Christianity.  If we analyze what he saw, a white cross in "fire" in the sky, this could have been a hovering or flying object with lights shining towards the ground. Like modern day aircraft with the wings and the body similar to a cross. Did Constantine and his followers saw an aircraft of some kind? Did this UFO/ craft was intervening in the course of history? Or that was a true premonition of a cross shining in the sky? Thru out history we have many stories that can be better explained by technology than as divine visions, but our ancestors knew nothing of technology so they explained what they saw and lived as divine manifestations.

In Mexico City in 1531 an Aztec story tells that Juan Diego a peasant heard a voice on the other side of a mountain, so he climb and in the peak he had a vision of a beautiful woman in shiny white clothes that told him she was the Virgin Mary and she wanted him to built a temple in her honor in that hill. He came down to the city and told the bishop what he saw, he didn't believe Juan Diego. Juan returned to the hill were he saw again the Virgin and ask her for a prove of her presence because no one believe him, so she filled a piece of Juan Diego's clothes with roses. When he brought them to the bishop below all the roses there was a painting of the Virgin in the Cloth. So the bishop believed Juan Diego and they proceeded to build the temple. The Virgin Mary told she would protect everyone that worship in the temple. Still today the painting is in the church, in almost mint condition even after all those years.  What Juan Diego saw was in fact a heavenly visitor, but we can't be sure that it was in fact the Virgin Mary because what she asked and said disagree with the bible. The bible says that only God can protect those that serve him. So as religious men explain, a being that demands worship can't be an angel send from God.  This being said what Juan saw was a vision of  an extraterrestrial? Or in fact was an angel demanding worship even when this goes against Gods rules?

Painting in Juan Diego's Cloth, still in the church of Virgin of
Guadalupe in Mexico.

In 1588 Spanish king send an armada of 130+ boats to invade England in order to bring the Spanish inquisition to England and punish Queen Elizabeth for leaving Catholicism. England has only a small number of boats and when the battle started they were losing even when their boats were more easy to manipulate than the Spanish ones, but the Spanish outnumber them.  When they were losing, a storm appeared out of nowhere wreaking the Spanish armada and leading England to wining the battle. English man believe that the storm was send by God to help them win the battle.  Before the battle John D an astronomer, mathematician, medical doctor and one of queen Elizabeth advisors told her not to worry because there was going to be a storm during the battle that will bring the victory to England, just as it happened. How did he knew about this? Was he a medium? Does he had some kind of communication with some beings from other world? Does he saw the future?  If it was a divine vision, did the being wanted to preserve the English evolution of knowledge and cultural advancement that were happening at the time of the battle.  Did some kind of extraterrestrial beings intervene in this battle in order to bring the victory to England and let the industrial evolution continue?  If Spanish took the victory the inquisition was going to stop any evolution in knowledge, science and industrial advancement, giving a 360 grade turn into the world history. It's the storm and the John D premonition mere coincidences or there is some hidden agenda of whom ever is manipulating the course of history towards what they want? These are too many stuff going on to be mere coincidences... All around history we can found this kind of manipulations toward the future as someone or something wants the earth future to be...

Another future defining vision took place in Manchester, NY in 1823 where a 17 year old boy named Joseph Smith that had a vision where a light and a robbed figure appeared before him and told him to go dig in a certain tree where he found some text in a strange language. In a second visit the being told him where he could find some kind of device to help him translate the text.  After the translation this becomes The Book of Mormon, which Joseph used to establish the religion.  This being was supposed to be a messenger from God to help Joseph form this new religion, but the being never said he was sent from God instead he told Joseph he was from another part of the universe or dimension and that in a remote past he used to live in earth. So where did this being came from? Why did he wanted to created this new religion in earth? If he was not an angel from God was he a devil messenger with some kind of hidden agenda?

Joseph Smith, Mormon religion founder

In the bible there are stories not only of angels appearing and manipulating humans with their messages and orders also there are records that demons also came and manipulate humans to do as they will, making them believe they are send from God.  How many of all those encounter written all around world wide history are of demonic type instead of send from God? How many decisions were made with the guidance of demons, shaping our history? Why does angels and demons manipulate humans to make history as they want? Does "God" knows this, do they use us to their personal entertainment, of they are experimenting with us? Are they measuring how malleable are humans and how far can they do whatever this beings want? Too many unanswered questions pop up in my head...

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Alien encounters: Ancient Aliens

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