Sunday, March 15, 2015

Alien Civilizations Contact

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For many years scientists have been scanning the sky for signals generated by alien life. One of this programs is SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). At the day no signals have been found that lead us to another civilization out there in space.  Now researchers want to use big radio dishes like the 305 meter Observatory found in Arecibo, Puerto Rico to beam out transmissions for alien life to listen to.  They call this program Active SETI.

Douglas Vakoch, director of interstellar message composition in SETI, said that Active SETI "May just be the approach to make contact with life beyond earth".  The plan is use radio dishes of big size to send messages full of earth information to near earth stars in order to be listen by out of earth life forms that might be just like us scanning the sky.  Some SETI researchers have the idea to send the whole internet information out to space, in order to be listened and in case someone grab the message they can decipher it out by redundancy.

This new method will grow exponentially our chances of alien contact, because we don't know how many civilizations are doing just like us, just listening, and no one is sending any message to be heard. 

What causes concern is the idea of a way more advanced civilization making contact with us, the problem is we are just beginning to explore this technological advancements, and we couldn't know what would be their intentions.   This idea makes even the physicist Stephen Hawking nervous, that said " Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they could reach".  We cant be sure that any contact with another civilization will be peaceful, we have to explore the idea that we might bring a space war to us, by contacting this civilizations.  They might want our resources, our people for slavery of even destroy our race, for them to take over earth and live here. We don't now what kind of contact they are searching, if they are struggling to live in their planet, if their resources are finishing, if they just want to conquer for more planets and power or maybe use our DNA for genetic experiments.

This is something that should be discussed worldwide, by as many scientist from as many specialties as possible to have as many sides of the coin we could have. At the end a poll should be done prior to sending the message, and also what kind of message are we going to send. 

Vakoch also said that "A civilization just 200 to 300 years more advanced than we are could pick up our leakage of radio or TV at a distance of several hundred light-years. So there are not increased dangers of an alien invasion through Active SETI". But still we are not sure about that idea. This is not an excuse to start sending the whole internet information to whoever is out there listening. 

This could be positive for our civilization if we make contact with another civilization just looking for another life forms in a peaceful way or could ever mean the extermination of the human race by some dangerous aliens. We have to see what determination the scientists take in this matter and if they agree that the best idea is to send the messages, what information they are going to send and if this make us vulnerable to whoever is listening...

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