Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mars Rovers Findings on the Red Planet

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The NASA Rovers are searching and taking pictures to seek past water activity on Mars.  On March 3, 2015 Opportunity Rovers found a flat faced rock.  The intriguing rocks lie atop a hill overlooking a site dubbed Marathon Valley. Named because Opportunity will have traveled the distance of 26.2 miles on Mars by the time it gets there.  As on March 5, 2015 the Rover's odometer read 26.139 miles leaving it just 140 yards short of the milestone.

"We drove to the edge of a plateau to look down in the valley and we found these big, dark gray blocks along the ridgeline" Said Matt Golombek Opportunity Project Scientist.

The examined rock is rich in silicon and aluminum, its composition is different than anything observed by opportunity or its twin, Spirit on the Red Planet.

Opportunity hold the record for greatest distance traveled on the surface of another world. Second place belongs to the Soviet Union's Lunokhod 2 lunar rover, which covered 24.2 miles on the moon in 1973.

There is a video circulating the web where we can see a mysterious humanoid figure shadow bending over the Rover. We can see the head with something like hair on the top and the body with parts of the legs, bending over the rover. This are no the only picture taken at Mars that show humanoid figures, there are several showed on the video.  Here we can see the video:


There is also another video where we can see the picture of what appears to be a disk shaped object with a small dome on the top and a bigger one on the bottom on the Red Planet ground.  It seem like a UFO that crashed on the ground. Here we can see the video:

There are several pictures taken by the Rovers that showed what it seem like some pyramidal shaped mounts on the ground. Some speculate that this maybe be pyramids on the Red planet ground, some even compared then to the formations of the pyramids in the Giza plateau.

In the same picture we can see a rock like formation that some say looks like the Sphinx of Giza.  curiously the rock is in front of the pyramid just like the one on Egypt. Obviously this are speculations of what we can see in the pictures, but it really look weird when you compare then to the normal ground on the Red Planet. Hopefully we would know the truth about this pictures really soon, we might get a big surprise soon!


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