Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Is this proof of Alien Life?

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Canals in Mars

In 1877 Giovanni Schiaparelli an Italian astronomer proposed that Mars was traversed by a network of canals in the soil.  Later Percival Lowell, an astronomer draw the canal patterns by observations he made. The idea was widely accepted until high resolution observatories leaded some scientists to the conclusion that the canals theory was in fact optical illusions and geologic formations. 

Which must still be in debate, because no one has been in Martina soil, so no one has seen the soil in real life.

Viking Landers

In 1976 NASA's Viking landers touched the surface of planet Mars to conduct experiments in the soil of the planet like collecting samples looking for organic compounds, components of life forms that could leads us to proof that there are living microbes on the Martian soil.

The results the landers found showed little evidence for organic compounds in the soil, but they found a reactive agent that produced carbon dioxide. This compound could be made by living microorganisms in the soil. No other proof was found and this result is not widely accepted by the scientific community. 

As always some scientists are focus on saying that life out of earth is not real or possible.

Allan Hills Meteorite

In 1996 scientists announced the discovery of evidenced fossilized microbial life in a Martian meteorite.  Other experts made some research of the meteorite and contradict the first announcement, they told that the fossils could have been created by non- living processes.  All the positive and negative evidence is still in debate and there are several ongoing research with sophisticated equipment to determine the origin of the fossils. 

The fossils "could" have been created by living organisms but also could have been created by living organisms, so what is true about this is still on debate and research.

Arthur C. Clarke's Martian Trees

In 2001 Clarke made an announcement were he claimed that photos from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor showed evidence of trees and bushes on Mars surface.  He claimed to have taken a really good look at the images that showed something moving and changing with the seasons in different photos from the Surveyor, suggesting that all this was vegetation in Martian soil.

Microbes in Meteorites

In 2011 Richard Hoover a NASA scientist claimed that he found fossilized evidence of cyanobacteria in carbonaceous meteorites from space.  Hoover based his theory in slices of meteorites he studied thoroughly by electron microscopes where he identified filaments and structures that resembled single celled algae.  The debate is still on and currently research is being made on this meteorites. 

Whether all this claims and researches are true is still under debate, the interesting point is that behind all of them we have a number of scientists determined to proof wrong the theories of life in space.  Just like everything that refers to this subject there are a bunch of people trying to cover up the proof and maintain us without really knowing what they have found and the advancements they have made. 

We have several points of view in each story, which one is true will come out someday, but like everything in life you must not read or believe only one side of the story, because that way you are not going to be able to form your own ideas and what you really believe in...

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