Friday, February 13, 2015

Drawings of the Gods

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All around America and the world we can found massive carvings, drawings and all kind of signals in the ground that can be seen from the air. Why our ancestor put those markings there? For who? Why can be seen only from air? Let's review some of the places and the drawings so we can have a better perspective.

Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines in Peru are some of the most famous drawings in history, because of their massive size, their localization and their vast numbers of different types of drawings.  They are localized on a mountain made of dark rock material that if you remove the first layer there is a almost white color underneath. So the Peruvian ancestors use this to draw, removing the rock to create lines, patterns and the ultimate result of beautiful, skilled drawings.

Fish: Its about 25 meters in diameter. 
We can see the fish like structure with some fins and a bifurcated tail.

Spider: About 46 meters in diameter.
We can see 8 legs, the round abdomen and the head.

Monkey: About 60 meters in diameter. 
We can see the head with two ears, the 4 extremities with 4 fingers in one upper extremity and 5 in the other one.
In the lower extremities we can see 3 toes in each one. Also it has a long tail.

Condor: About 110 meters diameter.
We can see the head with the beak, the open wings like its flying and the long feathers in the tail.

Hummingbird: About 250 meters in diameter.
We can see the long beak in his head, the open wings and the long tail with several feathers.

These are only a small number of examples of the Nazca lines there are hundreds of drawings, not only of animals but also geometrical patterns like this one:

Mandala like geometric pattern

Pampa de San Jose, Peru

In Peru also we find a human like figure called "El Astronauta" (The Astronaut) which is 29 meters high. It has big round eyes, round head, a long body with some kind of suit and big shoes. His arms one is pointing towards the sky and the other towards the earth, telling us some kind of message.

Atacama Desert, Chile

In chile we can found in a mountain a 20 meters in diameter drawing of a human like form with rectangular body, some kind of suit, antenna from his square head and big round eyes. It is kind of pointing towards the sky with pincer like tongs. Hanging from right arm there is kind of a monkey animal figure.

Blythe, Colorado

Near Blythe Colorado there are several figures of animals and humans up to 100 meters in diameter that can be seen also only from the air. One of the drawings has a elongated body with long upper and lower extremities and a weird shaped head.

Appalachians, Eastern North America 

Here we can found around 5,000 pictures made by Indians that can be seen from Air. mostly of animals and daily living things.

Sacaton, Arizona

Here we can found a human like figure of around 46 meters in diameter.

These are some examples of the many drawing that can be found in several places all around America. All of them in massive proportions that can be seen only from the air, maybe part of some message our ancestors were telling the Gods and that today we can see and have proof that they were more advanced than we thought. The question is for what purpose they made those drawings? Were they telling the Gods a welcome message?  Were they praying for them to come again? Were the drawings how they write history of what they saw and lived?

We will never know for sure why they did them, but what we can be sure of its that they made them for someone in the air to see!

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