Friday, February 20, 2015

Azores and the Underwater Pyramidal Structures

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An underwater pyramidal structure was identified at the Coast of Terceira Island, Azores in a depth of 40 meters. Structure was found by Diocleciano Silva who was having a recreational trip in his private yatch in the area, and saw the structure underwater by his GPS.

By the GPS signal the structure is approximately 60 meter high with a base of 8,000 square meters, with a perfect pyramidal shape and apparently oriented to the cardinal points. Its said that it may be underwater for about 20,000 years, so the responsible for this construction was here around before the ice age and long before Portuguese occupation of the Azores Islands.

Apparently NOAA that is searching the ocean in that part, haven't seen the structure before Mr. Silva did or maybe they are covering up the true...For what purpose?? Maybe because all this structures don't go with the written history? Is there a hidden agenda we are missing? or maybe in fact the structure don't exists?

In past years many archeological remains have being found in the Azorean Archipelago including artifacts from Roman times, cave art, Carthaginian sanctuaries dedicated to ancient goddess Tanit, all preceding Protugueses. Historians though that there were no history in the Archipelago before Portuguese, but now we are discovering the true is very different from previous speculations. 

Rock art was found in Island of Terceira, where they found the underwater pyramidal structure, which also supports the theory that human occupation predates Portugueses.  This art may be dated back to the bronze age. Also around the island there are megalithic structures dating a long time before experts thought when history began in the islands.

Archeologist Nuno Ribeiro has claimed that he found several ruins in Azores from the 4th century BC.  Slowly they are discovering more facts and structures that prove Azores island history is wrong. 

Nuno Ribeiro searching in Azores

Well see where everything goes and how all these facts and structures fit in the history or are they going to rewrite it...

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