Monday, February 23, 2015

Canada UFO Crash 2015...

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Last Wednesday February 18, 2015 in lake Winnipeg, near Jackhead Canada, there was an alleged UFO crash.  There were several eyewitnesses that saw a pyramidal or disk shaped object crash in the frozen lake. Military arrive at the zone and told the witnesses that it was an airplane crash during a military training exercise and that they were not allowed to have or take any pictures of the craft in the lake.

That night facebook and twitter was filled with eyewitnesses stories and photos of what they saw and what the military people told them. The rumor was stronger when photos of the Canadian Forces vehicles in the area, allegedly to contain the UFO crash site made an appearance. 

Lt.-Col. Paul Davies, commanding officer 38 territorial battalion group, involved in an Artic Response Company Group training exercise on the lake Winnipeg  told CBC news that there was no UFO at all, it was all an exercise.  "There'sno aliens, just my friends in the air force who are out helping un on the exercise". 

Davies said soldiers were training to deal with a plane crash and provide ground search and rescue support in the Artic.  If it was all an exercise why all the secrecy and why all the witnesses were detained and no pictures must been taken, that sounds more like a cover up, than an exercise. 

Allegedly the object was being pulled by snow mobiles from the crash site on the lake. The Crash was in a Indian reservation and nobody was allowed to leave or enter the reservation, soldiers were going door to door talking to residents and telling them that all was a military exercise.

After military arrived to the zone they moved all their equipment blocking any view of what mayor have crashed and what they where doing with it.

If all of this was a hoax, a military exercise of in fact a UFO crash we are not sure at the moment. As always history is repeating itself and military are covering everything up with "exercise" stories to maintain people calm and with the curiosity on low levels. If you think about it its all really weird to be just a military routine stuff.  But if all was an exercise crash why the huge mobilization of soldiers and tons of equipment blocking the view of the site?

Also why the eyewitnesses weren't allowed to have any pictures and allegedly they were detained?
Why does anyone wasn't able to enter or exit the reserve and soldiers were losing time going door by door telling the same story to every resident of the reserve? It's like too much trouble and work just for an exercise that is something so common in the military.

We have to be really open minded and question everything, because all things have at least two sides of the story. The one you choose to believe it's your decision...

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