Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Walls of Jericho

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The ruins of Jericho located in Israel, were the history said the army must made circles around it then blow their shofars to destroy the walls.  The army carried the arc of the covenant, this powerfull box that suposedly carried the tablets of the 10 commandments. This box had a great power, people who touch or who were too close to the box die of something like radioactive poisoning. Their hair and nails falls just like we know happens when people are exposed to radiation.
The shofars that blew down the walls may have been some kind of sonar weapon. Also the arc of the covenant may give the shofars done extra power to made such big ancient walls fall apart.  Acording to many historians Moses and the Israelits adquired a specially powerfull energy at the Sinai mount that later they put in the arc of the covenant. That may provided sone power to the shofars, making them a powerful sonic weapon?? 

Modern studies of physics acoustics said its possible the fall of the walls with a sonar weapon. The walls must have something that made the sound applifly with resonance accumulating ultil the walls break.

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