Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Acambaro Ancient Figures

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Were discovered in 1944 by Waldemar Julsrud that stumbled upon the figures in Acambaro, Guanajuato, Mexico while ridding his horse. He started digging the soil and found with the help of some locals more than 32,000 figures.

The figures found by Julsrud have a really close resemblance with what we think dinosaurs look like by the fossils found around history. We wouldn't spect ancient Mexican locals to have been in contact with dinosaurs or have a remote idea of what they look like, this is what our history books tells us...

Some creationist theorists have taken the figurines as solid evidence of man a dinosaurs coexisting. There are also contrary opinions about the figures been a hoax to increase tourist interest and making the ancient astronauts theories more solid. 

 Scientists have use a dating technique know as Thermoluminescence and the figures have date back to 2500 BC. Also Caron dating was used and determined a range from 6500 to 1500 BC.

No theory have been proved to be right, this are just speculations of several OOparts found. Still these figurines are something to think about, because if the are real... Our history is wrong.

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