Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nazi UFO Aircrafts

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By the middle of 1934 in Germany, was created the first experimental circular aircraft, propelled with anti-gravitational effect. By the end of 1934 the first light round aircraft with propulsion system and magnetic impulse steering.  It possessed two typical characteristics of UFO, the optical blurring of the contours when accelerating and the colored lights depending on the power of flight.  It remained virtually unnoticed by the political leadership of that time. 4 years later the first jet propelled  aircraft was created.  
Haunebu I, 1939

In the end of 1938 they had constructed the 4th generation of light disk shaped aircrafts (RFZ) to research how disk shaped objects behave on flight.  In 1939 the Haunebu I was built, it was the first long distance aircraft. It measure more than 65 feet, in August 1939 it made it's first testing flight.

In 1945 the V7, another light aircraft was tested in the sky, the general characteristics described the V7 as a supersonic helicopter fitted with 12 VMW O 28 turbo engines. In the first fly it reached an altitude of 78,000 feet, on the second test flight it almost reach the 80,000 feet.

The Germans had one saucer shaped aircraft that was capable of 1,200 mph, vertical takeoff, 90 degree changes like a helicopter. They also had another aircraft that could do 2,500 mph with a laser weapon that was capable of penetration 4 inches of armor.   
as said by Virgil Armstrong (CIA Agent Rtd.)

Model Haunebu II, one of the Nazi saucer shaped light aircraft

Thule-Vril RFZ "Rundflugzeug" (Round Aircraft) Series:
RFZ-1, disc aircraft prototype 1937
RFZ-2, "Fliegende Heisswasserflasche" (Flying Hot Water Bottle) disc aircraft 

     prototype 1937, performed recon in 1940
RFZ-3, disc aircraft prototype 1937
RFZ-4, disc aircraft prototype 1938
RFZ-5, disc aircraft, re-designated Haunebu 1, 1939, 2 produced
RFZ-6, disc aircraft prototype 1940
RFZ-7, disc aircraft, re-designated Vril 1 J├Ąger, 1941, 17 produced [2]

After the WWII, the operation "Paperclip" took place in Germany, where all the scientific Hi-Tech material were collected by USA personnel.  Allegedly used as a early start in USA space technology. In 1969 the first man landed on the moon. Theorist have tie this to all the technology recovered in Germany.  

There are several theories of what happened with those aircraft, one is that one of them was send to the bottom of a lake in Austria, others said that they were send somewhere in South America or the Antarctic.  Some theories propose that there is a German UFO base in the Antarctic.

US Navy launches the biggest military operation (named High Jump) in the Antarctic ice under the command of Admiral Richard E. Byrd. This operation included 13 ships, 1 aircraft carrier, 2 seaplane tenders, 6 two-engined R4D transports and 4000 men. The only official statement on the purpose of such a task force is the need for testing "new material under the extreme Antarctic conditions." The force starts up at the established US bases in the Ross Sea, then it moves up the western Antarctic coast heading toward the Northern Antarctic coast.

Why is the need for such a big task force in this area? Why did Byrd return to the US in February 1947? Why terminate the expedition so abruptly? The operation was planned and equipped for a full 6-8 month duration. Maybe the operation directed by Admiral Bird of USA in the Antarctic, searched for submarines and German aircrafts that supposedly were hidden?

The are supposed evidence that tell that Admiral Bird found in the Antarctica fresh water lakes with never freezing water, surrounded by areas without any snow. allegedly the Navy planes start to disappear really quickly in the area, also that some of them crashed into invisible barriers and disintegrating in mid flight. As supposedly Admiral Bird told as classified material.

In 1950, Captain C. Moreno, commander of the Argentine Navy, wrote the following report: 

     "In 16 hours. 10 minutes on March 24, the crew of our ship saw in the sky a disk     
      shaped object that was neither an airplane, satellite or a weather balloon" 

In June and July 1950, followed by a series of observations of supposed  UFOs in the sky by Chilean and Argentine population, the Brazilian newspaper O'Estado reported:

"The object was in-swept form, its surface flow from red to green. Zigzag machine flying in a westerly direction, changing course and speed several times. The object remained stationary for about 20 minutes at an altitude of 5000 meters in full silence" 

In September 1950, Officer A. Orrego Chilean Navy photographed a very large object flying inswept form maneuver in the sky of the Chilean Antarctic. [1] 

What really happened? What is true about all this aircrafts that are missing? Only time can tell!


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  1. Fun drawings, but all lies. But UFOs are real.

  2. UFOs are soo real. I just wonder how nikola teslas electro propulsion designs ended up with Werner von Braun in peenemunde? During WWII and why does NASA lie about his being a Nazi and lie about when he was at peenemunde? Oh well, I guess they did lie about us going to the moon too. Who was in charge of that lie? Werner von Braun.