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Gold, Flesh of the Gods

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Lake Guatavita, Colombia

A meteor crater may had created this circular lake. In its surroundings is were around the 16th century the search for el Dorado started which remains undiscovered.  The ruler on the civilization near the lake was called El Dorado by the Spanish conquistadors because the chief was adorned with gold dust, then he will jump into the lake to wash the gold, so it accumulate on the lake as an offerering to the Gods. They also went to the lake and throw gold artifacts for the God that lived in the bottom of the lake Guatavita.

Gold may have been searched by the Gods for its properties like: It is an inert material, it doesn’t react with anything, is a great conductor of electricity and a reflector of infrared energy. It can be used as gold blacked on a spacecraft to reflect the heat.  

Lake Guatavita

This is a representation of the "boat" El dorado used to get him into the lake and make the gold offerings , immersing into the lake with his body covered in gold dust.

In 1912 Hartley Knowles led an excavation on the lake, it’s said that he recovered approximately $20,000 on gold artifacts.  This are some of the artifacts that have been found over the years near and in the lake Guatavita.


The Egyptians believed the gold was divine, god like material, the flesh of the god.  There is a theory that the Egyptians were capable of manufacturing gold, from the ancient civilizations they were the one with the most abundance of gold.  Christopher Dunn has a theory were he explain how the pyramid of Gyza was used as a giant machine that after a series of chemical reactions was capable of making gold. 

In 1936 after 11 years of work the body of the Sphinx is finally out of sand. It has 241 feet long & 66 feet high is the largest and oldest statue in the world.  It is claimed to be from 2500 BC, it may be older by the erosions on the stone.  In the Sumerians texts there is also historical writings that depicts sphinxes and other half man half animals stories.  This may be a clue that proves genetic testing & manipulation made not only in humans but also mixing of human and animals genes, like it is suggested in the theory of Zecharia Sitchin.  

This theory explains that the Anunnakis came to earth in search of gold because like all planets Nibiru (Anunnakis home planet) have undergone climate & atmospheric changes, that due to nuclear technology & weapons over time made the atmospheric problems irreversible.  Sitchin suggested that they came to earth with the idea of creating a shield of gold particles to protect Nibiru's atmosphere.  This search for gold (In Nibiru gold is rare) leads Anunnaki to arrive to earth for attaining gold.  After a little time mining for gold they got tired of it and got the idea of making someone to do the dirty job of extracting the gold. This leads to the genetic testing with the most adavanced mammal on earth, the homo erectus, after several mixings of DNA, they mix the homo erectus DNA and the Anunnakis DNA to make the Homo sapiens as a employee in the gold mining some 300,000 years ago.  This is the missing link between the ape and us humans, as the theory presents.  

Ground penetrating radar have been conducted in the Gyza plateau revealing underground cavities and passages around and beneath the sphinx.  In the Sphinx paws theorists said is where the halls for records can be found, there is a storage for gold, in its walls there’s even the history of Atlantis, were alleged gods lived and after Atlatis sunk they came to Egypt around  10,500 BC. They needed to storage for the gold and also all the knowledge they brought. This leads Egyptians to constructing the Halls of records and maybe the passages below the surface. Who knows what may be hidden in that place and if there is ever going to be found???


In 29 january, 1953, it is told that Marie Denarnaud had a secret about the city of Rennes-le-Chateau been above tons of gold.  Sadly she had a stroke and never told the secret to anyone.  The legend of this gold comes from the 5th century, when after sacking Rome, the warriors made their way to the area of Rennes-Le-Chateau, then they abandoned the area leaving behind some of the treasures they brought from Rome.  

In 1891, a priest was restoring the church, when he discovered something as historians tell, turned the priest into a wealthy man almost overnight, something that still unknown, some researchers think he founded the gold leaved behind in the 5th century.  

The inscription in the arch of the door reads "Terribilis Est" that means this place is terrible.  In the bible we can find that same thing about the stairs to the sky that connect the mortals in the earth with the gods in the sky. This vision appeared in a dream Jacob had during a nap resting his head on a stone, where he saw angels coming down from the sky and angels going up from earth using that stair.  Its this Church a portal to other world, where the “gods” live? Where the Gods and Angels can descend to earth and intervene with the mortals? If that's true, can mortals also find their way to climb from earth to the supposed "heaven"???

Terribilis Est


Coricancha, Cuzco, Peru

The Coricancha (meaning "Golden Courtyard") used to be an Inca temple a ceremonial complex at each summer solstice containing multiple stone buildings. There was a sun disc that reflected the sun and bathed the temple in light. During the summer solstice, the sun still shines directly into a niche where only the Inca chieftain was permitted to sit. Part of this complex was used as an astronomical observatory. 1559 spanish conquistadors construct the cathedral of Santo Domingo in the center of cuzco, surrounded by the ruins of the Inca temple. The Ponchao was a gold disk that the Inca workship, this was in honor of the flying disk that landed on the feet of the ruler Atagualpa, he had direct contact with the gods as legends said. 

The interior of the Coricancha was decorated with objects made of silver and gold. All the walls were covered with plaques of pure gold as historians said.

In 1533 when spanishs overtook the city of cuzco they search the Coricancha looking for the gold. Previous to the search the gold was removed from Corichancha and moved 20 miles from the city, it was throw at the bottom of a nearby lake Puray as theorists said in order to keep the gold away from the spanish.

UFO sightings in Lake Puray, Peru are believed to be related to supposed gold hidden in the bottom of the lake. People report seen strange "planes" that actually enter into the lake at night. Sightings have been reported for hundred of years in this area of Peru. The reports also state that there is a vortex in the water 20 feet across where the spaceship enter and leaves the lake.


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Pictures: Factor Tierra, South american Pictures, National Geographic

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