Friday, August 3, 2012

Ancient Figurines

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In more advanced cultures, they started using tools for making pottery and figurines that continue writing our history.  Mixed with everyday used pottery, jewelry and other useful stuff.We can find strange figurines with some kind of helmets, suits resembling modern day astronauts, and strange machine like objects around those suits. Those figurines seem humanoid but some have almond shaped eyes, strange head forms, weird body compositions and many other weird characteristics, compared with the humans and their way of life on that moment in history. 

Iraq 5000- 4500 BC.  Found at the brutish museum. This photo shows number of reptilian like entities with weird shaped headsand almond shaped eyes.

University of California Press, 1995, pg 46.   The figure on the left holds a baby on her hip. The figure on the right has incised stretch marks on her abdomen. It has been suggested that the brown- painted dots and lines represent tatoos, and the clay pellets scarring. It is unknown if the shape of the skulls and big eyes, Similar Lizard- headed figurines have been found at Eridu and Iraq.

Kiev 4,000 BC. This is a strange figure wearing some kind of suit. We can see some kind of helmet and almond shaped eyes.

Nepal 7,000 B.C. The Lolladoff plate, discovered in Nepal, appears to show a hovering disk shaped object in the center. There is also a small being, resembling an alien. The circular pattern is reminiscent of the circular motion and form of our solar system.

Mesopotamia 5000 BC- 4000 BC.   It has weird shaped head, big almond shaped eyes.

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